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Line Dancing

One beloved activity that is available at NAC is our Line Dancing sessions. Choreographed by our emcee, the jovial Brett Jenkins, the room becomes a-flood with people who want some gentle exercise, group interaction or just to kick up their heels a little!

Line dancers at NAC

The dances are based mainly around country-western folk music, and involve a group of people walking, turning, and raising their arms in sync. Unlike other forms of group dancing, Line Dancing has no physical interaction between dancers.

You may remember Billy Ray Cyrus’ hit song Achy Breaky Heart back in 1992; he is known as the father of modern-day Line Dancing. Since then, Line Dancing has flourished and filled dance halls and bars worldwide.


Line Dancing is held at NAC every Tuesday between 09:00 am to 1:30 pm.

For more information contact Brett Jenkins on 0402 623 787, or submit an online inquiry at Contact-us.