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Ballroom and New Vogue Dancing

Ballroom and New Vogue Dancing

Ballroom and New Vogue Dancing is an Australian form of sequence dancing that originated in the 1930’s.

There are a large number of New Vogue dances and all dances are based on a sequence of dance steps which are continually repeated, usually until the music ends. The sequences are always either 16 or 32 bars long, and require music that is in turn “sequenced” (composed of verses that are either 16 or 32 bars long). Due to the nature of the dances they are much easier to pick up by beginners than, say, Latin dances (which have numerous types of steps that are combined into custom routines) and as such, beginner dancers are less likely to feel overwhelmed when learning them and can perform the dances to a respectable level within a short time of learning.

New Vogue dances can be danced at different levels, with higher levels requiring more precise steps and the addition of arm and torso movement, known as “styling”. New Vogue Dances are based on one of several sub categories, including Viennese Waltz Rhythm, Slow Foxtrot Rhythm, March Rhythm and Tango Rhythm.

So if you ever want to have some fun, meet new friends and learn some new dances then come along to the Nundah Activity Centre on Monday Afternoons.

The cost involved for participating are as follows:

Members – $6.00

Non- Members – $7.00

for more information on this service please call:
Ian: 07 3863 0193
Val: 07 3863 0193
(Excluding Public Holidays)

As stated on the website calendar, Ballroom and New Vogue Dancing is available every Monday between 12.45pm to 3.15pm.

For further information please contact the Nundah Activity Centre on 07 3266 4500 or alternatively you can submit an online Activity Enquiry at our Contact-us.